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Anneke MorrensArtist Anneke Morrens

I am Anneke Morrens, born in Mechelen, Belgium on 8 March 1964, Autodidact artist.

As a timid toddler and child, colouring books, pencils and paper were always at hand.
A teacher noticed my natural talent and urged me to follow an academic course but that did not happen.
August Gill´┐Ż gave at that time (1981) unknown young artists a chance to exhibit in his farm 'The White Flag' in Bonheiden (Belgium) in order to attract free publicity to get into the commercial circuit. I was 17 years old and despite this opportunity, and the sale of several of my works, I stopped actively drawing and painting.

I always kept drawing but it wasn't untill 2006 that I fully returned to creating and portraying the pictures in my mind.

This time I began experimenting with 'oil on canvas' and I'm becoming more and more proficient in this discipline, which has resulted in quite a few new works already. I don't use models but the 'images' in my mind, which for some reason stuck on my retina and I interpret it in my own way.

As soon as a sketch is on canvas or paper I have nothing more to say, the works and characters lead a life of their own and I'm then just the executive instrument. You can make an appointment to see my work in my studio in Mechelen by sending me a message on my CONTACT page.
And why not 'like' my page on Facebook to see new work coming out as it happens?

My special thanks to the photographer Pierre Moeremans/PROMOPHOT for the reproductions, portraits and the creation of this website.

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